The Unofficial OS/2 Java Home Page

Note: Most of this section is very, very out of date right now. I am still very active in Java programming, but don't unfortunately have an OS/2 system up and running right now to test things out (I develop on Linux (my current main operating system) and Windows). Contributions to this site are welcome -- send them to me.
For more up to date information, check out Java Essence
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What's where

How to get the JDK, Netscape and other cool stuff.

What's what

Our famous FAQ on Java for OS/2 (well, maybe since no one seems to read FAQs, it can't be that famous).

What's there

Java resources, both OS/2 related and general.

What was here

The archive of the OS/2 Java Porting mailing list. The list may be gone, but the archive lives on.

Last revised Sept. 1, 2002
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