Re: OS/2 Port

> Alex:  We should adopt the Internet motto:  "Rough consensus, working code."

Well, whatever.. you people all seem determined to make things extrordinarily 
hard for yourselves and waste a lot of effort by using clearly inferior tools 
in the face of multiple reasons not to for no apparent reason.. it just seems 
really stupid to me.

I unfortunately don't have the time at the moment to port all the code myself,
as I'm currently working overtime to try to make sure a project I've spent 
about 2 years of my life working on has a home past december, and nobody 
else seems to be interested anymore, so I guess your horribly hacked up and
needlessly patched code is all that's likely to happen.  Fine, whatever.

I was kinda hoping to have some source code I (and many other people who 
don't have brand X compiler) could compile myself out of this whole project
too, but oh well.

PS:  GCC has supported "long long"s for some time, and it would probably take 
5 minutes to code the entire 64-bit math stuff in it, but whatever..
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