Re: Java for OS/2 by IBM

> Some just reported in comp.os.os2.programmer.porting that there is a new
> newsgroup created internal to ibm call ibm.ibmpc.javaos2.
> He also stated that there are no posts there yet.
> What does this mean?

With IBM?  Who knows...

> Has anyone informed Sun of our porting efforts?  Sun has a page of porting
> efforts and last I looked, this listserv was not there.

I sent all the relevant information (even formatted in the proper HTML format 
to be added to the web pages) to Sun's web page person a long time ago, and 
then neglected to check to make sure it got up, but I guess it didn't.  If 
someone else wants to try it (I don't really have time to follow through on 
anything much in this regard), the person you want to talk to is Lisa Friendly
<friendly@scndprsn.eng.sun.com>..  I'm attaching the message I received from 
her in response to my initial announcement of this maillist back when it got 
set up..

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Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 09:18:48 -0700
From: friendly@scndprsn.eng.sun.com (Lisa Friendly)
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To: riche@crl.com
Subject: Re: Announcing new OS/2 porting list
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        jkanerva@scndprsn.eng.sun.com, java@java.eng.sun.com
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Hi Alex,

I maintain the Web pages for Java. We have a page that lists all the
external mailing lists, ftp sites and web pages related to porting Java
to other platforms. Would you like this mailing list added?  Take a
look at http://java.sun.com/Mail/external_lists.html. If you could send
me the html already formatted to support our format, that would be a
big help. Else, I can do it.

Lisa Friendly
Java Products Group

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