How to get the JDK for OS/2, and other stuff


Information on obtaining the JDK will now be kept in the FAQ.

Netscape for OS/2

Follow this link to get it.

Web Ex with Java

The Web Explorer demo with Java has been discontinued.

NetRexx and Java

The developers of Rexx and of the OS/2 port of Java have released a sample version of NetRexx. I haven't played with this one yet, but it seems to be a translator that will take Rexx code and (in a couple of steps) turn it into Java bytecode that can be served up on the net and run as applets.

Eventually, they hope to go directly from Rexx to the bytecodes for more efficiency.

Check out The NetRexx Language for details. (Note: Julie Bielski adds that "If you're going to try out NetRexx, you cannot be running Object Rexx as your default Rexx, you have to be running the older, procedural-style Rexx.")

Last revised May 12, 1997
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